Put some RESPECT on OnlyFans

Put some RESPECT on OnlyFans

Put some RESPECT on OnlyFans 

Let’s be real, some of y’all see OnlyFans and instantly think of sex workers. In fact, OnlyFans is one of very few platforms that lets you monetize your content from day one. On YouTube, for instance, you have to meet a certain criteria to even apply for partner so you can monetize your content. Note that even if you meet those requirements, you can still be denied. Whether you're approved or not, YouTube gets paid. Why not monetize your brand and build some interpersonal relationships in the process?

So let’s talk about it, I’ve seen a rise in people monetizing their brand and content. There’s nothing wrong with creating an OnlyFans account. Get your coins by all means. Note that all creators create different content. It's people that give legal and business advice on their channels. Your content decisions are solely up to your discretion.

I have friends in all industries that own and operate OnlyFans account. You’re a brand and business at the end of the day. Never shame someone over how they utilize their platform. You can find content creators, lawyers, doctors, etc monetizing themselves and building relationships with consumers and fans.

In conclusion, never judge a book by its cover. Even if their content is a bit spicy, why does it bother you? If you're worried about the next person's business, you may need to reevaluate your life. That same time and energy you've invested in hating could have made you some money. Think outside the box, take chances and live your life to the fullest. In Birdman voice, "Put some respect on OnlyFans name". 

Lastly, I have an account but I currently doesn’t have any content setup. Maybe I'll utilize it to give knowledge and insight into the various industries I operate in. If you want to subscribe to mine, it's free of charge https://onlyfans.com/drewells. Also, if you're interested in joining OnlyFans here's my referral code here. Thanks for reading.

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