Meet Dre Wells

A man of my talents and hats no pun intended. Born and raised in Gary, Indiana, Dre Wells has survived very trying times at a young age. He's been creating music since a young age and started off first as a producer. He's also an Army combat veteran who served in Afghanistan for a year. Dre's also a gamer, entrepreneur, and college graduate. In 2016, he started his own company, 758 Entertainment LLC, which operates as a media company. He's been active in the industry since the mid 2005s, working behind the scenes helping shine a light on others. From the trenches (Gary) to the field (Afghanistan), he's made it his mission to be himself unapologetically. He has countless songs and beats he's worked on throughout the years on all platforms. Feel free to use Songwhip for your streaming pleasure. You can find all those lost files like Whats It Gonna Be, I'm Shinning, and others via the music shop here on Visit the Press tab to see some of the magazines he's been featured in throughout the years. Feel free to contact us for all inquiries and business related topics.